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What is KODI? Is it legal? What are Fully Loaded Boxes ?

KODI (aka XBMC) is a free, open source piece of software used as a Personal Media Organizer. KODI helps its user to organize their media library which then can be accessed from any where without carrying any DVD’s, CD’s, USB Pen drives, or other storage devices. KODI also has an ability to play any other video files, though various Add-ons, available on the internet thus allowing users to watch Movies or TV shows directly on their TV.

With its ability to play video files KODI software has been under fire that it is promoting piracy and hence the big question that everyone asks, Is KODI Legal?

Installing and working with KODI is 100% legal. KODI is a legal software and any one can download and install it and use it for anything they want. However the problem occurs when it is used to access content that is copyrighted and the user has not paid for that content.