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Why do I get Error Message “One or more items failed to play, Check Log”?

If you are getting this Error message: “One or more items failed to play, check log” please don’t panic. This is one of the most common messages you will get while using KODI. This message can pop up any time for any add on, and it primarily means that the link you are trying to play is NOT Playable any more and you should move to the next link. That is also one of the reason for providing multiple links to one video, so that if one fails to play you click on the next one.

Still there are few things you can check on your end so that occurrence of this message can be minimized:

  • Check your internet settings, check if your device is connected to the internet. Run diagnostics to verify that internet connection is working fine. One of the ways to do this on Android Boxes is to open the ‘Browser’. Our boxes come with an app called Browser, click on that and if you are connected to internet you should see a Google Webpage. If that page doesn’t load troubleshoot your WiFi.
  • If WiFi is working fine, you should try to play any other movie or TV show or any Video and see if you get that error. Try from different years and from different video Add ons. If you think it is from only one particular add on, then most probable reason is that particular add on is down for the moment. No need to contact us, it will be updated by itself. If it has been down for more than 3-4 weeks then it is time to remove that add on and start using another one.
  • Try clearing KODI Cache, and Deleting / Purge Packages from the maintenance menu and restarting the device. This should resolve some of the issues.

If you still experience issues, you can either send us an email or you can try to update your setup. We have another FAQ that details how to update our setup HERE.