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What are the 3rd party Movie add ons installed and their status?

Here is a list of some of the Add ons installed, please check here frequently for status of these. (Refer to screenshot below)

Last Updated March 1th, 2018.

Movies/TV Shows Addon:

Specto …. Forkworking good.
Elysium NOT Working.
Maverickworking good.
BOB UnleasshedNOT Working.
NEMESIS – working good.
Skynet working good.
Eyasses – working good.
Project Cypher – working good.
Covenant ( New & Improved Exodus)NOT Working
Bennu – NOT Working

New Addons Added:

Neptune Rising working good.
Verdict – working good.

Sports Addon:

Project Mworking good
Project Cypher working good
Falcon Project working good
Maverick Sports working good
Project Mayhem – working good
Planet MMA – working good
Supremacy – working good
Verdict working good