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What are all the Apps that My Fire Stick or Fire TV come with ?

Your programmed device comes with few of the best apps, available for cutting the expensive cable.

KODI is no doubt the best app available on the all the devices, there are few other Apps, including MOBDRO, SHOWBOX, LiveNet TV, CloudTV that are available for streaming all kinds of Videos and Live TV content.

Here you have to note that KODI itself does not provide any content. The content is provided by third party software programmers which when combined with KODI provides you the Internet Streams that you can enjoy direct on your TV.

Mobdro and Showbox Apps are the apps available for watching Live TV and Movies/TV Shows respectively. These apps also have a lot of content that you can easily stream. Both the apps are updated automatically which makes it easier for you as an end user and keeps them working without any interruptions.

There is one thing you have to note that, Showbox app requires a Mouse Function, just like in desktop PC, to browse through the selections. So in order to use this app we suggest that you use the BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD* that we have for sale here.

*Bluetooth keyboard will only work with bluetooth compatible devices, so please check item details.