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Updating to a newer version of KODI?

From time to time KODI software is updated by its developers and you will get a message on your screen that newer stable version is available. It might seem as if you need to update KODI but We recommend not updating KODI yourselves, unless it’s been few years (2-3) you have been using the older version, or you are having other issues with the older version. Our devices come installed with STABLE Versions and they will work fine even if a newer stable version is released. If you plan to update, it is best to mail us your unit for a complete reprogramming to get the latest version of our build installed on your unit. If you plan to update it yourself you might end up formatting and deleting our setup. In that case you will need it to be reprogrammed by us.

It is best to wait to update the KODI as many add ons that are installed in it will still take time, sometimes even up to few weeks to update and get compatible with the newer version of KODI anyway.