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Guide to watch sports – which addons to use?

Update: March 11th, 2018 – A lot of these add ons mentioned below have been discontinued. Please follow the post for recent updates by clicking here

Last Updated Sept, 1st 2017.

The field of add ons keep changing with some old ones discontinuing and the new ones taking their place. This guide is setup to help our users through the process of watching sports using 3rd party KODI addons. Please also check our FAQ on Caja.TV wizard.

Helpful Tip: Some add ons require Acestreams for playing, which is a peer to peer torrenting program. If you are not using VPN you should stay away from these kind of streams.

Check out the list below for the sports addons and please keep in mind that some addons will work better than the others because of various reasons like internet speed, KODI version, location and internet service providers.

Adryan’s List:

This is predominantly a Spanish Add on and it has been in existence for long time. This has streams from all major sporting events and also has major sports channels available. Always include this in your search if you are looking for good sporting streams.

BOB Unleashed:

This is a very new KODI add on, yet it has become very popular because of its content. This has a complete section  for sports and covers all major sporting events.

Made in Canada (MiC):

This add on also has a lot of links available for sports and live sports channels.

Maverick Sports:

Maverick Sports can be found in the Maverick add on.

Planet MMA:

Planet MMA as the name suggests is your go to add on for all UFC and MMA Events. This covers a wide range of live events and replays for all the events.

Project Cypher:

This is one of the best IPTV add on around in this field. This covers live channels from both UK and USA, so please check this out.

Project M:

This KODI 3rd party add on has been around for a while now. It maintains a decent IPTV and Sports section.

Project D:

This a go to add on for Sports Replays. This is a top add on maintained by one of the best developers. It covers a wide range of sports and all the links are well maintained.

Sports Devil:

Sports Devil is another longest running KODI add on for all kinds of live sports, live sports channels and live TV. It has different categories arranged in a list once you click on this add on from the Add on browser. When using Sports Devil always check that you have the latest version installed.

Sports World Addon:

This Add on, as of now, is one of the newer kids on the block. None the less it is packed with treasure of sports content. Please check this out for all the latest sports events. It also has a wide selection of live sports channels.
Merlin Project

UK Turk:

This is by far one the best KODI 3rd party add on available. This is an all rounder which covers everything from Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and Live Sports. Always check this out when looking for sporting events. This add on has a complete list of live sports channels.

Wrestling on Demand:


For other options please check our FAQ on LIVE TV Apps