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How to update the Caja.TV wizard?

From time to time, there will be a need to update the Caja.TV wizard. This guide is setup to help you understand that process. With ever changing world of 3rd party KODI add ons there will always be a need to update the setup. Some add ons get discontinued or are not working properly or are not getting updates due to which you are not able to play the streams, that is when you can use this guide to update your setup.

Helpful Tip: This update is to be used only when you are experiencing major issues with streaming. Please do not update if you have ‘Stream not available’ or ‘One or more items fail to play – Please check log’ message. Please use if your setup is very old or you are certain that update will help you.

There are 3 major steps involved in this update. These will be explained below, so please double check everything before contacting us.

First step is to delete the original setup.

It is always better to start the setup afresh. This is called the fresh start. It deletes all previous data from your setup so that any add on that is not working is completely removed and can be installed again. If you are an expert user you can skip this step and continue to the second step, but for better updates Fresh Start is always preferred.

Note: This method works for all the devices serviced by us. This may not work if you have made any changes to your KODI app and we may not be held responsible for that.

To remove the KODI data from your device you have to go to the Main Settings of your device (This is NOT the KODI settings).

  • For Android Boxes:- Go to Settings – Apps – KODI – Clear Data – OK
  • For Amazon Devices:- Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications – KODI – Clear Data – OK

This will clear and reset the KODI Data to 0.00 and you can check that on your screen.

Second step is to download the new setup.

1. Start KODI.


2. Scroll down to the Add-ons & then move right and click on Caja TV Wizard as shown below.


3. On the next screen you will see the following options. Click on My KODI Wizard


4. KODI wizard will start downloading. Let it download and watch for step 5.


5. Just watch the screen, after downloading the wizard will start Extracting Zip file.


6. After both the steps are completed you will see a message like below. Click OK


7. After clicking OK you will see a message to force close Kodi, just click ‘ Yes Close’.


8. After clicking Yes Close, just unplug the device and plug it back on. After this follow the third step below.

Third step is to reboot and verify the new setup.

This is the last step and as the title suggests it is to reboot. Once you finish downloading and extracting the zip file above you will get an on screen message to restart your device. At this moment you unplug your device and plug it back in and reboot. Once the device finishes reboot, just start KODI. Let KODI start and complete its update for the first run, which takes 45-50 seconds. Now you have the latest working setup. You can start using KODI after all the updates are done.