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How to reset the wizard Skin to the original?

Caja.TV wizard comes installed with KODI, which is a very powerful software system. After you are done watching KODI we always recommend that you exit through the POWER option in the menu section of KODI. Though sometimes KODI might shutdown by itself or other programs might foreclose KODI and in this case you lose the original settings also known as the Skin settings in your KODI setup. You are left with the default KODI skin.

The image below shows the default skin.

If you’d like to know your skin is reset and you are left with default skin, you should scroll down to Add-ons, like the image below, and then check if ALL the add-ons appear in your Screen. If you have all the Add-ons then it is easy and you can follow the steps below to get back the original Skin settings.

In order to get the skin back please follow these steps:

Go all the way to the top and click on GEAR icon, as shown in the image below:

Now click on Interface settings as shown below.


Now Click on the ‘Skin – Estuary ‘ as shown on the right side of the image below.


After a wait of few seconds (5-10 seconds) you will see a pop up on your screen like the image below. It has 3 options in the list.

To get your skin back you have to scroll up and click on the Aeon Nox: SiLVO option.


After you click on that you will be presented with another pop that will show Skin as Aeon Nox: SiLVO and asks you if you’d like to keep this change, Just click yes to this option.