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How to Clear cache from the KODI setup?

Kodi is a great platform for streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports & Live TV from our Android devices or Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV to your televisions. It has a great interface, tons of add-ons and plugins installed and if you’ve been using Kodi for some time you might notice that your device or streaming box has begun to grow slow and stuttery during regular use. With such a wide variety of uses, it’s pretty normal that Kodi can occasionally feature slowdowns and buffering.While certain amount of playback problems can be caused by network instability, sometimes the KODI software becomes too slow to use reliably. And that’s when it might be time to clear your cache inside of Kodi.

Clearing your cache in Kodi isn’t a process you have to do very often, but it can be pretty helpful when it comes to fixing small issues in Kodi’s interface and playback. Our setup has this option in KODI that you can use to remove temporary files from the KODI system. While in KODI scroll on the Menu Bar to find PROGRAMS as shown in the image below. Click on Clear Cache and Delete Packages respectively, in the sub menu below, to remove all temporary files. Please remember to exit Kodi by clicking the POWER option on this menu bar and restart the device after this.

To Clear cache from Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Device click here.

To Clear cache from a Jailbroken Android Box click here.