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Getting started with our Android TV Box units

Getting Started with our Android TV Box units:

Our SMART TV Boxes don’t require any log in account.

When the unit first turns on, you will see the HOME screen, also called the Launcher. The home screen has various icons like Apps, Online Video, and Settings.

First you need to connect your box to the Internet. You can do so by going to the Network Settings on the box. From the box HOME page, click Settings then click Network. Find Wi-Fi Settings and turn that on, if that is not on already. After you turn Wi-Fi on you should see your Wi-Fi network name in the list. Click that and enter your necessary password after which you should be successfully connected to the internet. You may also hard wire an Ethernet cable to the Android Box for better and smoother streaming of internet videos.

When connecting to the Wi-Fi, use the mouse function on the remote to navigate on the screen. Mouse function on remote- is a very simple yet useful function, to start mouse simply click the button that has MOUSE picture on the remote. It activates the mouse, which you control by using the left-right-up-down circle button. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, you can enter Kodi and enjoy all the add-ons.

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