Raspberry Pi KODI Mini TV Box Entertainment Media Center

$125.00 $85.00

  • Raspberry Pi based Home Entertainment Center.
  • Tiny unit with a lot of power, converts your Smart TV into a smarter TV.
  • Latest KODI Installed – Fully Loaded.
  • Pre-Assembled, Plug n Play Setup.
  • No account sign ins, no tedious configurations, no lengthy setup.

Please check this post on how to get started with this box.


This is a small box that fits in the palm of your hand and works wonders. This is so tiny that it can be attached to back of any TV.  The heart of this Media Center is the Newest Model B, Raspberry Pi 3 Board with 1GB ram & 1.2GHz Quad Core ARMv8 64bit Processor. Check below for more details. This unit supports WiFi internet connections as well as Ethernet cable connections. It comes installed, configured and optimized so all you need to do is plug it in and away you go.

Package Includes:
1x Raspberry Pi 3 Box Fully Loaded (Pre Assembled)
1x HDMI Cable
1x Power Supply Cable
1x HDMI Cable
1x Wireless Keyboard

Here is how the setup looks on this box.


Easy to assemble instructions:

1. Please find the following in the package:

1 x fully assembled raspberry pi box (Black Color)
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x mini Rechargeable keyboard
1 x Power Cable

2. Connect the black box to the TV with the HDMI Cable, Connect the Power Cable to the mini power connector.

3. Connect your mini wireless keyboard, using the provided USB Dongle,  to one of the USB ports.

4. Follow the post by clicking here, to connect the unit to internet.

5. Once it is connected to the internet just restart the unit and you are ready to enjoy.