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KODI Audio Settings – Adjust volume while playing videos

Sometimes you might need to adjust volume of a video playing on your screen. There is a way to adjust volume of any playing stream other than the volume of your TV. To get into the audio settings of the stream, you need to press the ‘OK’ button of your remote control. Once you press that you will see an On Screen video controls just like the picture below. You will see, Pause, Stop, Forward and Rewind icons along with some other icons. Scroll to the left and click on the Speaker icon, like the one in red square, shown in picture below.

Once you click on the speaker icon you will see a pop up window with Audio and Subtitle settings title as shown in the picture below:


Scroll down to the option that says ‘Volume Amplification’ and click ‘OK’ once again on your remote to activate that option. After clicking OK, press the circular button on the right side and you will see the scale moving upwards. Adjust it to the volume you like.

Optimum value for this lies between 15-25db.