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Internet streaming depends on lot factors among them Internet Speeds, Source of the stream, popularity of the stream, day and time when you are trying to stream are worth mentioning.

You might have the fastest internet speed from your internet provider but it really depends how much traffic it is on the internet at that moment. The speeds tend to fluctuate according to the internet traffic. The Internet speeds are, generally speaking, slow on the weekends and during peak hours when everyone is trying to access the internet. When streaming a video from internet, the streaming also depends on the source of that video. If the video is from a reliable source like YouTube or Dailymotion or other media provider they stream fine, but if the video is from one of the torrent sites or pirated movie provider the stream may not play smoothly. If you are playing a video that is popular at that very moment, like a sporting event or a new movie then it might also buffer a lot as lot of people will be trying to watch that as well.

Buffering is pretty common, however it can be taken care of by carefully selection what you are trying to watch and who is the provider of that stream.

If you are getting this Error message: “One or more items failed to play, check log” please don’t panic. This is one of the most common messages you will get while using KODI. This message can pop up any time for any add on, and it primarily means that the link you are trying to play is NOT Playable any more and you should move to the next link. That is also one of the reason for providing multiple links to one video, so that if one fails to play you click on the next one.

Still there are few things you can check on your end so that occurrence of this message can be minimized:

  • Check your internet settings, check if your device is connected to the internet. Run diagnostics to verify that internet connection is working fine. One of the ways to do this on Android Boxes is to open the ‘Browser’. Our boxes come with an app called Browser, click on that and if you are connected to internet you should see a Google Webpage. If that page doesn’t load troubleshoot your WiFi.
  • If WiFi is working fine, you should try to play any other movie or TV show or any Video and see if you get that error. Try from different years and from different video Add ons. If you think it is from only one particular add on, then most probable reason is that particular add on is down for the moment. No need to contact us, it will be updated by itself. If it has been down for more than 3-4 weeks then it is time to remove that add on and start using another one.
  • Try clearing KODI Cache, and Deleting / Purge Packages from the maintenance menu and restarting the device. This should resolve some of the issues.

If you still experience issues, you can either send us an email or you can try to update your setup. We have another FAQ that details how to update our setup HERE.

Caja TV wizard is a collection of all the popular 3rd party add ons available for KODI. We take efforts to find all the best working add ons and put these together for our customers and keep them updated so that you can enjoy all these without any troubles. Please remember that these are 3rd party add ons which are not provided by Kodi, or by Caja TV. These are all available on the internet from various sources.

We recommend that you check the date when our wizard was last updated so that you can, if you find the need, update it on your end. The updates are mostly done to remove any Dead or Non-working add ons and to install any New, most people favorite, add ons. Change log below explains any changes made to the setup.

Instructions on how to update the Caja.TV wizard can be found by clicking the link Here.

What do you get with Caja TV Wizard:

On-Demand Movies | TV Shows | Live Sports | LIVE PPV Events | Premium Movie Channels | Live TV | International TV | Live News | Adult Content | And MUCH more


Here you can get all movies you want including latest releases.

This is where virtually every TV show is available on demand for free from any network,…Every Network, Every episode, on demand….and commercial free

We have a special section just for the kids – It has all the latest kids movies and TV shows from all major kids channels.

Get all the latest music videos, live stations from around the world.

This is where to go for LIVE events,  if you’re a football, soccer, basketball, hockey, fight or wrestling fan, we have you covered. Many other sports also available from all over the globe. Some of the best sports add-on are sportsdevil, castaway, ZemTV, Pro Sport, Adrian Sports, and many more….

LIVE Streams
Live TV is also available through the many live TV add-ons. Generally local TV is not available, most stations are national cable/broadcast channels and international channels.

If you are looking for TV from a particular country there’s a good change you will find it too.


Update information on the latest version:

Date of Last Update: March 11th, 2018.

(Removed dead and non working add ons. Added new all working links. Live TV channels can be found by using Apps like Mobdro and Live NET TV)


A Jailbroken Device, in a broader sense, means a device that allows you to access Videos, Movies, TV, Sports or any other content available on internet and stream that directly to your TV. Previously you could only watch such content through your PC or Desktop but with such devices it has become very easy to watch 1000’s of Movies and TV Shows while sitting on a couch in your living room.

Here is a list of some of the Add ons installed, please check here frequently for status of these. (Refer to screenshot below)

Last Updated March 1th, 2018.

Movies/TV Shows Addon:

Specto …. Forkworking good.
Elysium NOT Working.
Maverickworking good.
BOB UnleasshedNOT Working.
NEMESIS – working good.
Skynet working good.
Eyasses – working good.
Project Cypher – working good.
Covenant ( New & Improved Exodus)NOT Working
Bennu – NOT Working

New Addons Added:

Neptune Rising working good.
Verdict – working good.

Sports Addon:

Project Mworking good
Project Cypher working good
Falcon Project working good
Maverick Sports working good
Project Mayhem – working good
Planet MMA – working good
Supremacy – working good
Verdict working good


Your programmed device comes with few of the best apps, available for cutting the expensive cable.

KODI is no doubt the best app available on the all the devices, there are few other Apps, including MOBDRO, SHOWBOX, LiveNet TV, CloudTV that are available for streaming all kinds of Videos and Live TV content.

Here you have to note that KODI itself does not provide any content. The content is provided by third party software programmers which when combined with KODI provides you the Internet Streams that you can enjoy direct on your TV.

Mobdro and Showbox Apps are the apps available for watching Live TV and Movies/TV Shows respectively. These apps also have a lot of content that you can easily stream. Both the apps are updated automatically which makes it easier for you as an end user and keeps them working without any interruptions.

There is one thing you have to note that, Showbox app requires a Mouse Function, just like in desktop PC, to browse through the selections. So in order to use this app we suggest that you use the BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD* that we have for sale here.

*Bluetooth keyboard will only work with bluetooth compatible devices, so please check item details.

From time to time KODI software is updated by its developers and you will get a message on your screen that newer stable version is available. It might seem as if you need to update KODI but We recommend not updating KODI yourselves, unless it’s been few years (2-3) you have been using the older version, or you are having other issues with the older version. Our devices come installed with STABLE Versions and they will work fine even if a newer stable version is released. If you plan to update, it is best to mail us your unit for a complete reprogramming to get the latest version of our build installed on your unit. If you plan to update it yourself you might end up formatting and deleting our setup. In that case you will need it to be reprogrammed by us.

It is best to wait to update the KODI as many add ons that are installed in it will still take time, sometimes even up to few weeks to update and get compatible with the newer version of KODI anyway.

You get a black screen after starting KODI, and you have tried to unplug the box and restarting it but the problem is still there. To resolve this please try this. Go to the settings of your device, then go to Apps and find KODI. Click KODI and then try to Clear Cache (Note: Please do not hit Clear Data, as this will remove all KODI Data). Click OK to Clear Cache, if prompted. After clearing cache, just restart your device and start KODI. You should have a working Kodi now. If you still have any issues you can send us an email.

From time to time, there will be a need to update the Caja.TV wizard. This guide is setup to help you understand that process. With ever changing world of 3rd party KODI add ons there will always be a need to update the setup. Some add ons get discontinued or are not working properly or are not getting updates due to which you are not able to play the streams, that is when you can use this guide to update your setup.

Helpful Tip: This update is to be used only when you are experiencing major issues with streaming. Please do not update if you have ‘Stream not available’ or ‘One or more items fail to play – Please check log’ message. Please use if your setup is very old or you are certain that update will help you.

There are 3 major steps involved in this update. These will be explained below, so please double check everything before contacting us.

First step is to delete the original setup.

It is always better to start the setup afresh. This is called the fresh start. It deletes all previous data from your setup so that any add on that is not working is completely removed and can be installed again. If you are an expert user you can skip this step and continue to the second step, but for better updates Fresh Start is always preferred.

Note: This method works for all the devices serviced by us. This may not work if you have made any changes to your KODI app and we may not be held responsible for that.

To remove the KODI data from your device you have to go to the Main Settings of your device (This is NOT the KODI settings).

  • For Android Boxes:- Go to Settings – Apps – KODI – Clear Data – OK
  • For Amazon Devices:- Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications – KODI – Clear Data – OK

This will clear and reset the KODI Data to 0.00 and you can check that on your screen.

Second step is to download the new setup.

1. Start KODI.


2. Scroll down to the Add-ons & then move right and click on Caja TV Wizard as shown below.


3. On the next screen you will see the following options. Click on My KODI Wizard


4. KODI wizard will start downloading. Let it download and watch for step 5.


5. Just watch the screen, after downloading the wizard will start Extracting Zip file.


6. After both the steps are completed you will see a message like below. Click OK


7. After clicking OK you will see a message to force close Kodi, just click ‘ Yes Close’.


8. After clicking Yes Close, just unplug the device and plug it back on. After this follow the third step below.

Third step is to reboot and verify the new setup.

This is the last step and as the title suggests it is to reboot. Once you finish downloading and extracting the zip file above you will get an on screen message to restart your device. At this moment you unplug your device and plug it back in and reboot. Once the device finishes reboot, just start KODI. Let KODI start and complete its update for the first run, which takes 45-50 seconds. Now you have the latest working setup. You can start using KODI after all the updates are done.

You can easily stream all sporting events through these Jailbroken Android TV Boxes, such as X6 Pro, MXQ Pro, Amazon Fire TV or Amazon TV FireStick (aka Amazon Fire TV Stick). You can use apps like Mobdro or CloudTV for sports channels that will be streaming the event. Or you can use the Add ons within KODI Media Player App such as SportsDevil, Phoenix, Planet MMA, UK Turk, GoodFellas Sports etc to watch these.


The following Add ons provide good sport streams:

SportsDevil: Atdhenet.tv, Dimsports.eu, Firstrowsports.ge, Livetv.ru

BOB Unleashed:  Check under Bob Sports

UK Turk: Check under sports

Planet MMA: To check this Addon go to Videos – Add ons and find it there.

GoodFellas: Check under Sports

Other LIVE TV Addons like Adryan List TV, IPTV Bonanza, Maverick TV, Project D Sports etc will all have links to these sports.

Live TV Apps like Mobdro and CloudTV

Caja.TV wizard comes installed with KODI, which is a very powerful software system. After you are done watching KODI we always recommend that you exit through the POWER option in the menu section of KODI. Though sometimes KODI might shutdown by itself or other programs might foreclose KODI and in this case you lose the original settings also known as the Skin settings in your KODI setup. You are left with the default KODI skin.

The image below shows the default skin.

If you’d like to know your skin is reset and you are left with default skin, you should scroll down to Add-ons, like the image below, and then check if ALL the add-ons appear in your Screen. If you have all the Add-ons then it is easy and you can follow the steps below to get back the original Skin settings.

In order to get the skin back please follow these steps:

Go all the way to the top and click on GEAR icon, as shown in the image below:

Now click on Interface settings as shown below.


Now Click on the ‘Skin – Estuary ‘ as shown on the right side of the image below.


After a wait of few seconds (5-10 seconds) you will see a pop up on your screen like the image below. It has 3 options in the list.

To get your skin back you have to scroll up and click on the Aeon Nox: SiLVO option.


After you click on that you will be presented with another pop that will show Skin as Aeon Nox: SiLVO and asks you if you’d like to keep this change, Just click yes to this option.

It is very important, to keep the KODI setup running smooth, that you clear temporary files from the devices every once in a while.  Clearing the Cache will help resolve many performance issues with KODI.

In order to Clear cache from the Amazon Fire TV device you have to go to the Settings of your device. Device Settings can be accessed by pressing the HOME button of your remote. To learn more about the Amazon Fire TV Box /  Amazon Fire Stick, please check this post.

While on the HOME menu, Click Settings. Then Click Applications – Manage Installed Applications – KODI. You will have a screen like the picture to the right. When on this screen click Clear Cache. Remember: Never hit Clear data as that will remove all KODI setup.

To learn how to Clear cache while in KODI click here.


Kodi is a great platform for streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports & Live TV from our Android devices or Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV to your televisions. It has a great interface, tons of add-ons and plugins installed and if you’ve been using Kodi for some time you might notice that your device or streaming box has begun to grow slow and stuttery during regular use. With such a wide variety of uses, it’s pretty normal that Kodi can occasionally feature slowdowns and buffering.While certain amount of playback problems can be caused by network instability, sometimes the KODI software becomes too slow to use reliably. And that’s when it might be time to clear your cache inside of Kodi.

Clearing your cache in Kodi isn’t a process you have to do very often, but it can be pretty helpful when it comes to fixing small issues in Kodi’s interface and playback. Our setup has this option in KODI that you can use to remove temporary files from the KODI system. While in KODI scroll on the Menu Bar to find PROGRAMS as shown in the image below. Click on Clear Cache and Delete Packages respectively, in the sub menu below, to remove all temporary files. Please remember to exit Kodi by clicking the POWER option on this menu bar and restart the device after this.

To Clear cache from Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Device click here.

To Clear cache from a Jailbroken Android Box click here.

If you have the Jailbroken Fire TV or Jailbroken Fire Stick you can locate your installed apps by following this guide.

1. When you are logged in go to the Settings option on the top menu as it shown in the image below.


2. Scroll down and move to the right then select Applications. When you click on Applications you will be shown a list, like the image below.


3. Now scroll down to Manage Installed Applications and click that.


4. Once you click Manage Installed Applications you will see all the Apps that are installed on your device.

5. You can start any Application by clicking on that app and then selecting Launch Application.

Caja.TV wizard comes with latest version of KODI installed. Although there are numerous options available within KODI to watch Live TV and Sports, those options can sometimes become overwhelming and lead to an awful experience. To overcome this there are couple of Apps that are loaded onto these devices which you can use to watch live action. These are MOBDRO and Live NETTV. These can be directly accessed through KODI as shown in the image below:

Whenever you are having trouble playing any live streams, we suggest that you try these apps instead. These can also be accessed directly by going into the settings of your device and then finding these applications.

Update: March 11th, 2018 – A lot of these add ons mentioned below have been discontinued. Please follow the post for recent updates by clicking here

Last Updated Sept, 1st 2017.

The field of add ons keep changing with some old ones discontinuing and the new ones taking their place. This guide is setup to help our users through the process of watching sports using 3rd party KODI addons. Please also check our FAQ on Caja.TV wizard.

Helpful Tip: Some add ons require Acestreams for playing, which is a peer to peer torrenting program. If you are not using VPN you should stay away from these kind of streams.

Check out the list below for the sports addons and please keep in mind that some addons will work better than the others because of various reasons like internet speed, KODI version, location and internet service providers.

Adryan’s List:

This is predominantly a Spanish Add on and it has been in existence for long time. This has streams from all major sporting events and also has major sports channels available. Always include this in your search if you are looking for good sporting streams.

BOB Unleashed:

This is a very new KODI add on, yet it has become very popular because of its content. This has a complete section  for sports and covers all major sporting events.

Made in Canada (MiC):

This add on also has a lot of links available for sports and live sports channels.

Maverick Sports:

Maverick Sports can be found in the Maverick add on.

Planet MMA:

Planet MMA as the name suggests is your go to add on for all UFC and MMA Events. This covers a wide range of live events and replays for all the events.

Project Cypher:

This is one of the best IPTV add on around in this field. This covers live channels from both UK and USA, so please check this out.

Project M:

This KODI 3rd party add on has been around for a while now. It maintains a decent IPTV and Sports section.

Project D:

This a go to add on for Sports Replays. This is a top add on maintained by one of the best developers. It covers a wide range of sports and all the links are well maintained.

Sports Devil:

Sports Devil is another longest running KODI add on for all kinds of live sports, live sports channels and live TV. It has different categories arranged in a list once you click on this add on from the Add on browser. When using Sports Devil always check that you have the latest version installed.

Sports World Addon:

This Add on, as of now, is one of the newer kids on the block. None the less it is packed with treasure of sports content. Please check this out for all the latest sports events. It also has a wide selection of live sports channels.
Merlin Project

UK Turk:

This is by far one the best KODI 3rd party add on available. This is an all rounder which covers everything from Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and Live Sports. Always check this out when looking for sporting events. This add on has a complete list of live sports channels.

Wrestling on Demand:


For other options please check our FAQ on LIVE TV Apps

Getting Started with our Android TV Box units:

Our SMART TV Boxes don’t require any log in account.

When the unit first turns on, you will see the HOME screen, also called the Launcher. The home screen has various icons like Apps, Online Video, and Settings.

First you need to connect your box to the Internet. You can do so by going to the Network Settings on the box. From the box HOME page, click Settings then click Network. Find Wi-Fi Settings and turn that on, if that is not on already. After you turn Wi-Fi on you should see your Wi-Fi network name in the list. Click that and enter your necessary password after which you should be successfully connected to the internet. You may also hard wire an Ethernet cable to the Android Box for better and smoother streaming of internet videos.

When connecting to the Wi-Fi, use the mouse function on the remote to navigate on the screen. Mouse function on remote- is a very simple yet useful function, to start mouse simply click the button that has MOUSE picture on the remote. It activates the mouse, which you control by using the left-right-up-down circle button. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, you can enter Kodi and enjoy all the add-ons.

Know your Amazon remote:
Take a look at new Amazon Voice Remote with Alexa. Please note that even though the new generation Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick Remote has Alexa voice but that Voice Search does NOT work with Kodi. Voice search works with all Amazon Apps.

Checklist to Setup your Amazon Fire TV/Stick:

  • Compatible TV – Amazon Fire TV devices are compatible with high-definition and ultra high-definition TVs with an HDMI input port.
  • HDMI cable (not included) – Use an HDMI cable to connect your Fire TV to your TV. Fire TV devices support HDMI A Male-to-Male cables.
  • Internet Connection – You need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi or wired (Ethernet) network, so you can complete setup and access all of the content available on Fire TV (e.g. movies, TV shows, apps, games, and more).
  • Amazon account – You need an Amazon Account to use Fire TV Box or Fire Stick. It is very easy to get a FREE Amazon account, you can refer to our post on How to create a free Amazon account.  If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you should create one using your computer. You can skip any steps that require payment information, as you do not require any payment to use KODI, Mobdro & other jailbroken apps.

Setting it up – Initial Setup:
1. Connect the power adapter – Connect the included power adapter into the Power port on the back of your Fire TV, then plug the other end into a power outlet. If you have a Fire Stick, connect the included USB cable to Fire Stick.

2. Connect to your TV – Plug one end of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your Fire TV, then plug the other end into an available HDMI port on your TV. In case of Fire Stick, it plugs directly into your TV HDMI Port. Tip: Remember which HDMI port you used to connect your Fire TV, as you’ll need to select the corresponding input channel on your TV for the next step.

3. Select the input channel for your Fire TV – Turn on your TV, and select the input channel for the HDMI port you used to connect your Fire TV. You should then see a loading screen with the “Amazon Fire TV” logo.


Setting it up – WiFi & Sign in:


Assuming your Amazon Fire TV/Stick is registered you will see the following screen on your TV for the  Amazon Fire TV/Stick once it all loads up:

To get into Kodi you go to the Amazon home page and navigate to Settings as shown on the picture and scroll down then go to Applications, Click Applications and then Click Manage Installed Applications – Click KODI and then click Launch KODI: Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch Kodi



While watching videos, pressing the SELECT button (big  round button on the Amazon Fire TV stick remote) will bring up the PLAYER controls at the top of your screen to play, pause, stop, forward, rewind etc. Pressing the BACK button on the Amazon Fire TV stick remote will get rid of it.

** Any time you press the HOME button on your registered Amazon Fire TV stick, you will be brought back to the Amazon home screen.


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