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Creating a free Amazon Account.

Its very simple to create a free Amazon account. This account then can be used to sign in to our Jailbroken Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. It is recommended to create an account on a Laptop or Desktop PC as it is easier than you create one on Amazon device.

Here are 2 simple steps, yes just 2 steps to create an account.

First open the following web page on your browser: You will be seeing a page like the image below. Just click ‘Create your Amazon account’ next to red arrow.

After you have clicked the ‘Create your Amazon account’ button you will be presented with the page as shown below.

Here you enter Your name, Email and Password. Once you enter these, just click ‘Create your Amazon Account’ button.
That’s it, you are done. You have a new Amazon Account.

Enjoy !!

You can use this newly created account to sign into the Amazon Device purchased from us.