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Common error messages while using KODI and how to fix them.

So, you have decided to watch a Movie or a TV show or any of your favorite program on the device. You find and click on your favorite program and wait for it to play, but instead you see an error message: “No Stream Available” or “One or more items failed to play, check log”. We understand how frustrating it is to get that message. Lets find out what does that message mean and how we can avoid it.

No Stream Available:  The idea that if you see a name on the list there will or should always be a stream available for that is a misconception. Most of the information on that list is scraped from online databases and provided on the screen for you. The links behind those names on the list, come from different sources and those sources can change any time because of the many reasons. Any time you get this message, please check that the Movie or TV show has been released, and also that it is not very very old. Sometimes you will see the movies in the list that are not in theaters yet, so you won’t be able to play those. Similarly some of the Shows or Movies might be very old that sources are not available even though the name shows up. If you are certain that its not the above mentioned factors continue reading.

This can be a case for some of the providers in that particular addon. Once you click on a name of Movie, for example in Exodus or Specto, you are given a list of all the providers for that movie. You click on one of those providers and it comes up with this error message, then you can move down the list and try other providers.

If you are not able to find any working link then you should try another add on for that. Your device comes with many addons, that provide Unlimited entertainment so try different addons. You can certainly find a playing link.

One or more items failed to play, check log: This is another very common error message you get while watching videos on the loaded media center. It mostly pops up when you are trying to watch live TV. This message also means that the source behind that link is no longer available and you should try the next option. The check log part is mostly for the advanced users or the developers behind the programs so that they can find out what is wrong with the playback. If you experience this message it simply means that the link is not playable. This can’t be fixed at users end. This will require programming at developers end and you should just wait for an update. If any update is released it will be done automatically.

Blank Screen: You get a blank black screen when you click on Movies or TV Shows categories. This can happen when you try to click on any category in some of the addons. You only see ‘working’ on the screen and nothing loads up. At this moment it is time to remove temporary files and deleting KODI cache.

Check our FAQ section on how to remove temporary files and delete KODI cache for your devices. Most of the issues are resolved if you keep KODI clean. Deleting old temporary files, remember not to Delete KODI Data, and exiting KODI properly through the power option on the menu will keep it running smooth for long time.