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[New 2018] Which Android TV box, T95Z / H96+ / TX3 Mini / X96 Mini or MXQ Pro is best?

There are lot of Android TV boxes available in the market. And you sure have heard about different names or models of these boxes from your friend, a family member or your colleague at work. You are probably interested in getting one for yourself and are not sure which one to get. A good TV box is your best friend as it is capable of freeing you from monthly charges. These little boxes pack a load of content from all over the world. Here is a comparison of few of the best models available for sale.

 T95Z PlusH96 Pro +TX3 MiniX96 MiniMXQ Pro
User Rating
Operating SystemAndroid 7Android 7Android 7Android 7Android 7
ProcessorAmlogic S912 Octa-CoreAmlogic S912 Octa-CoreAmlogic S905W Quad-CoreAmlogic S905W Quad-CoreAmlogic S905W Quad-Core
Google Play Store
KODI Installation
SD Card
A/V Out
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$75 – Amazing Jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a revolutionary and powerful streaming media player. You can just plug Fire TV Stick into your HD TV and start streaming in minutes. It has quad ARM 1.3Ghz processor and Mali 450 MP4 GPU chip.

Enjoy smart access to videos, games and apps with this Amazon Fire TV stick. Its Alexa voice remote lets you deliver hands-free commands when you want to watch television or engage with other applications. With a quad-core processor, 1GB internal memory and 8GB of storage, this portable Amazon Fire TV stick works fast for buffer-free streaming.

With Jailbroken Fire Stick – you get access to custom installed applications like KODI, MOBDRO, LIVE TV, SHOWBOX. These applications or apps in short, let you stream videos from all over the internet to your HD TV directly. Jailbroken Fire Stick aka Fully Loaded Fire Stick comes pre configured with latest version of KODI.

With your Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can look forward to simple, plug-and-play installation, and endless options for streaming content to your HD TV. With its easy to use design you will be binge watching in minutes!

You will be able to cut cable and satellite completely with installed apps like KODI, MOBDRO, SHOWBOX, LIVE NET TV. You can also use your Jailbroken Fire Stick  to stream your current cable and satellite provider from your Amazon Account. The Jailbroken Fire Stick operates on an open and free android platform which makes it very easy to download streaming video apps from the app store.

Its very easy to access Jailbroken Fire Stick apps. You can access the guide by clicking this link.

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KODI Audio Settings – Adjust volume while playing videos

Sometimes you might need to adjust volume of a video playing on your screen. There is a way to adjust volume of any playing stream other than the volume of your TV. To get into the audio settings of the stream, you need to press the ‘OK’ button of your remote control. Once you press that you will see an On Screen video controls just like the picture below. You will see, Pause, Stop, Forward and Rewind icons along with some other icons. Scroll to the left and click on the Speaker icon, like the one in red square, shown in picture below.

Once you click on the speaker icon you will see a pop up window with Audio and Subtitle settings title as shown in the picture below:


Scroll down to the option that says ‘Volume Amplification’ and click ‘OK’ once again on your remote to activate that option. After clicking OK, press the circular button on the right side and you will see the scale moving upwards. Adjust it to the volume you like.

Optimum value for this lies between 15-25db.


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MXQ Pro 4K Android 6.0 S905X TV Box Review

MXQ Pro 4K Android 6.0 S905X TV Box Review

If you are thinking of turning your TV into a smart TV with the help of Android streaming TV box, MXQ Pro 4K is the One that can make your life easier. The MXQ Pro 4K is a TV box that can stream internet content like any other reputed Streaming box. It is loaded with amazing features and is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a quad-core Amlogic processor. This TV box is incredible when compared to its contemporaries, and it comes at a very low price. Hence, you can run all the programs you like and ditch your cable connection at an affordable price with the MXQ Pro box.

MXQ Pro Box for KODI:


  • Perfect for Kodi
  • High-performance Quad Core CPU & Penta Core GPU
  • 4K Ultra HD support
  • Incredibly low priced
  • Easy to set up


  • OK Remote Quality
  • Only 1 GB RAM
  • No Bluetooth support
  • Large Size
  • Dull User Interface

MXQ Pro 4k – Performance


This device is fairly responsive to remote clicks and is average in performance while streaming online videos.

Runs KODI smoothly

If you are using TV boxes only for Kodi, then you are in for a treat with this box. For those who want a TV box specifically for the purpose of streaming content on demand ad free like Movies and TV Shows, this one is a perfect choice. The MXQ Pro 4K runs Kodi smoothly.

Picture quality

The image quality that this TV box offers is high end. It supports all sorts of HD resolutions.

Audio and video

This TV box supports all the popular types of audio and video formats. It supports almost all the common audio formats available from MP2 to MP3 and MP4. Also, you get TrueHD and DTS support to put your surround sound system to the test.


Although you can download as many Android applications as you like, this TV box is more for streaming content than for gaming.

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General Troubleshooting

​The purpose of this article is to help our customers with basic directions that will fix most of common problems. The directions below fix the most of the issues customers face with Kodi. This is a great place to start if you experience any problem with your unit.

  1. First you want to delete the cache, which you can clear right before launching Kodi app, instead of Launching it, Scroll down with your remote and hit clear CACHE, PLEASE DO NOT HIT CLEAR DATA, that will erase of the content under the Kodi platform,
  2. .You may also consider Rebooting your modem and router at this point. Note- Usually if you unplug both router and modem, you want to plug the modem in first, and wait about 5 minutes to plug in your router.
  3. If your device is experiencing a lot of error messages such as “one or more items failed to play. these error messages simply mean that either the add-on is down for repair/update Or that specific link is not working and you need to try a different link. This is a standard error message, it DOES NOT mean that something is wrong with the device.
  4. If this error comes up for every single link you click on, then either the add-on is down for repair, or your device is not getting a strong WIFI signal. Even if you pay for 100mbps per month, that does not mean that you internet speed is 100mbps, since Internet speed can vary from room to room in your home. Also a majority of times your internet provider does not provide the speed promised​.
  5. You want your speed to be above 10mbps download, anything less than 5mbps usually has a lot of buffering issues.
  6. Next try moving the unit to a room that is open and closer to the router, such as the living room. Even if that’s not where you want to use your unit, try this step to determine if the issue is WIFI reception /internet speed.
  7. If you have the fire tv box or Android Box unit, you can also try to hardwire the Ethernet cable from the router or modem to the box for better performance.
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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi KODI Box

Raspberry Pi KODI box is a wonderful piece of technology. It is so small that it can easily hide behind TV, yet so powerful that you can stream all the media without any problems. Our Raspberry Pi KODI Boxes come installed with LibreElec software which is fully customized and ready to be used out of the box. This unit is plug n play.

Here is a guide to getting started with this box.

Connect your box to the TV with the HDMI cable. Connect the provided mini Keyboard Remote to the box with the USB Dongle (provided inside the batter compartment of this keyboard). Provide the power to this box with the provided power cable. There is NO On/Off switch, this unit will power on as soon as you connect it with the power. If everything is done correctly you will see a display on your Screen. After the booting is complete you will see our main setup.

Using the keyboard remote scroll to find Programs. The click on Programs.

2. You will see a screen like this. Scroll to the icon as shown by red border, LibreElec Configuration, and click that.

3. Scroll down to Network, and make sure that under Wireless Networks – Active is selected.

4. Scroll down to Connections, wait about 20-25 seconds and you should see a list of all the wireless networks available.

5. Find yours and click on it. You will get a pop up like below and then hit connect.

6. Enter your wifi password and click DONE.

7. If your WiFi password is good, you should now be connected to the internet. When the unit is connected to the internet you should see ‘Address:’ with some numbers appear on screen. Also check your Signal Quality. The picture below shows how it should look like.

8. Now press the back button on remote, or keep pressing escape on keyboard until you go back to the main menu. Here scroll and find the POWER option and hit REBOOT (as shown in the picture below).

9. You should now be connected to internet. After the unit reboots please give it few seconds (45-50) to perform all updates. You will see notifications on screen. Once they are done you can start watching.

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Common error messages while using KODI and how to fix them.

So, you have decided to watch a Movie or a TV show or any of your favorite program on the device. You find and click on your favorite program and wait for it to play, but instead you see an error message: “No Stream Available” or “One or more items failed to play, check log”. We understand how frustrating it is to get that message. Lets find out what does that message mean and how we can avoid it.

No Stream Available:  The idea that if you see a name on the list there will or should always be a stream available for that is a misconception. Most of the information on that list is scraped from online databases and provided on the screen for you. The links behind those names on the list, come from different sources and those sources can change any time because of the many reasons. Any time you get this message, please check that the Movie or TV show has been released, and also that it is not very very old. Sometimes you will see the movies in the list that are not in theaters yet, so you won’t be able to play those. Similarly some of the Shows or Movies might be very old that sources are not available even though the name shows up. If you are certain that its not the above mentioned factors continue reading.

This can be a case for some of the providers in that particular addon. Once you click on a name of Movie, for example in Exodus or Specto, you are given a list of all the providers for that movie. You click on one of those providers and it comes up with this error message, then you can move down the list and try other providers.

If you are not able to find any working link then you should try another add on for that. Your device comes with many addons, that provide Unlimited entertainment so try different addons. You can certainly find a playing link.

One or more items failed to play, check log: This is another very common error message you get while watching videos on the loaded media center. It mostly pops up when you are trying to watch live TV. This message also means that the source behind that link is no longer available and you should try the next option. The check log part is mostly for the advanced users or the developers behind the programs so that they can find out what is wrong with the playback. If you experience this message it simply means that the link is not playable. This can’t be fixed at users end. This will require programming at developers end and you should just wait for an update. If any update is released it will be done automatically.

Blank Screen: You get a blank black screen when you click on Movies or TV Shows categories. This can happen when you try to click on any category in some of the addons. You only see ‘working’ on the screen and nothing loads up. At this moment it is time to remove temporary files and deleting KODI cache.

Check our FAQ section on how to remove temporary files and delete KODI cache for your devices. Most of the issues are resolved if you keep KODI clean. Deleting old temporary files, remember not to Delete KODI Data, and exiting KODI properly through the power option on the menu will keep it running smooth for long time.


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Creating a free Amazon Account.

Its very simple to create a free Amazon account. This account then can be used to sign in to our Jailbroken Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. It is recommended to create an account on a Laptop or Desktop PC as it is easier than you create one on Amazon device.

Here are 2 simple steps, yes just 2 steps to create an account.

First open the following web page on your browser: You will be seeing a page like the image below. Just click ‘Create your Amazon account’ next to red arrow.

After you have clicked the ‘Create your Amazon account’ button you will be presented with the page as shown below.

Here you enter Your name, Email and Password. Once you enter these, just click ‘Create your Amazon Account’ button.
That’s it, you are done. You have a new Amazon Account.

Enjoy !!

You can use this newly created account to sign into the Amazon Device purchased from us.

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How can I use the Android TV Box to cut the cord?

Android TV Box is a powerful device that comes with the latest Android OS. There are lot of apps available from the Play Store or from 3rd party developers that can be installed on this device. All the devices are Fully Rooted and Jailbroken which gives you access to install any app you want on this device. Here are the some of the apps that you can use with this box:

YouTube is one of the most powerful apps available on the web today. It gives you access to millions of videos from Movie Trailers, News, Live Events, from various parts of the world. You can easily use this app to create your favorite playlists, watch music videos, sports interviews and a lot more. This app comes installed on the Android TV Box.


Showbox is another app that can be used to stream internet videos like Movies and TV Shows. This app is not available in the Google play store. With this app you can access 1000’s of movies and TV Shows, some in High Definition quality, and play them on your TV. This app comes installed on the Android Box


Mobdro, Another very good app Available only via Jailbroken Android Hardware, is a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device. This specifically works for Android Devices only. Since it is a streaming application some of its streams might be from pirated sources so one should be careful while using this.

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What is KODI? Is it legal? What are Fully Loaded Boxes ?

KODI (aka XBMC) is a free, open source piece of software used as a Personal Media Organizer. KODI helps its user to organize their media library which then can be accessed from any where without carrying any DVD’s, CD’s, USB Pen drives, or other storage devices. KODI also has an ability to play any other video files, though various Add-ons, available on the internet thus allowing users to watch Movies or TV shows directly on their TV.

With its ability to play video files KODI software has been under fire that it is promoting piracy and hence the big question that everyone asks, Is KODI Legal?

Installing and working with KODI is 100% legal. KODI is a legal software and any one can download and install it and use it for anything they want. However the problem occurs when it is used to access content that is copyrighted and the user has not paid for that content.